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Cosmetic Packages

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About Snatched Aesthetics

With services being performed by licensed Medical Professionals and accredited Technicians with over 20 years combined experience. 

Face and Body Treatments

Cosmetic Packages

Cosmetic Packages

Skin Services

Skin Services

Laser treatments

Laser Treatments


Cosmetic Packages


Anti-wrinkle & Dermal filler
3 major areas of Anti-wrinkle + 1ml of Premium Lip Filler 

*Max 40units

3mls of Premium Face filler
*Jaw or chin area + $299


3 major areas of anti-wrinkle injections

*Max 40units

Platelet Rich plasma

Also known as Vampire Facial  

4 x vials plus micro-needling to treated area.
1 vial per session. 


PDO Threads

Polydioxanone medical grade threads

4 x midface PDO threads (lasts 6-12 months) + 20 collagen building threads. 


10 PDO mono Threads


About Us

Our Mission Statement

Snatched Aesthetics offers a boutique Medical Spa experience, it is located at the heart of Bayside in Rockdale. Our goal is to consistently provide an outstanding medical spa experience for our clients; to strive to be the preferred destination in the Bayside area for safe, effective, and innovative anti-aging facial treatments, non- Surgical Cosmetic procedures & body-sculpting procedures.


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